Parenting in public

I was reading an article in a newspaper a couple of days ago in which the writer was explaining why she had sent her daughter to school even though she was technically too young and was struggling. Although I don’t agree with her choice, and personally would not do that, the main problem I had was when I read the author’s previous articles. This person has no objection to writing about every detail of her children’s lives, and does not seem to understand that once her children are at school, there are any number of people who will be only too glad to tell her children exactly what their mother has been saying about them. I realise this is her job, but there are ways of writing about family life which will not upset your children. I have seen many instances of parenting blogs where the tone is always positive and loving, even when describing behaviour issues.

I do mention my daughter in this blog, and on my other, but have the policy that I only write things that I would be happy for her to see at any time. I want her to be able to look back on this blog as a record of her childhood and our lives together. I wouldn’t like it if any of my family and friends wrote negative things about me online and don’t see why children should be any different. It is easier than ever to search online for people and therefore even more important to be careful about what appears on the Internet about you. For that reason she made me promise to show her any pictures I wanted to upload first so she can check the embarrassment factor!


I still can’t believe she agreed to that one!


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