As I lie here trying to convince myself I really need to get up and go for a run, I look at the grey sky and think……really. I know I’ll feel better when I’ve got my gear on and am out there but it seems to be harder to motivate myself when the sky is grey and it’s drizzling. I’ve updated my running list for summer songs to try to keep the mood and maybe it’ll brighten up.

I started running in April and to be honest I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I started out walking a km in 20 mins and now do 3km in 30 mins. I may not be the fastest but I’m getting there. I feel so much healthier and ready to face the world!

Well, pep talk over, I’ve convinced myself. Off I go. See you in the funny papers 🏃🏃🏃

I did it! 5k in 49 minutes! And the experts are right! I do feel better and ready to face the day! Which will be busy! I’m off to meet my friend and her daughter in York and have coffee in one of the many nice cafes. We’ll probably go to the Spurriergate centre as that has a play area for toddlers and is pretty central.
A quick mooch round town before Back home for a bit of a tidy round then Rebecca is going to audition for the panto at the York Theatre Royal. She did it last year and loved it so was really eager to see if she could do it again. It was such a good experience for her and she enjoyed working with all the cast.